I once raise this Question during assembly time one morning, and this was the response given by a Grade 3 student.

“What is Independance to you? What does it mean by Independance..?”

 Independance is great time to watch rugby matches. It is that time where we all go to watch this big game…

Independance celebrations in Goilala always follow similiar routines. 

When can Independance be celebrated with pride of its native traditions. Our young population is fooled into these stereotype mentality, without really understanding the real purpose of this iconic event.

I recall hosting a mini independance celebration in Woitape during its 41st Independance celebrations in 2016.

Although the event was held without any financial help, we did prove that money is not the answer to everything.

I wonder if District have funds available for such events? 

On behalf of my family & I, I wish all my people of Goilala, Happy 42nd Independance Celebrations and God bless you all during this time.

To my students, BOM, parents and youths of Kambise Community School, I pass my Independance wishes to you all.

I know there is Not much happening there but may our good lord be with you all as you go about your normal village life.

Happy Independance Goilala..



I post this article at a most significant time as Goilala and Central Province officially launches its National Literacy week at Tapini Sacred Heart High School, Goilala (September 4, 2017).

I personally, would like to acknowledge the work of the steering committe who choose to officially launch this event at Goilala.

Goilala, is the district with the highest illiterate population. This technically means that more than half of its indigenous population doesnt know how to read and write.

This occassion will turn heads as individuals, educational elites, agencies, Govt bodies, NGOs, churces and politicians convern together in this secluded part of the country to mark the reincarnation of knowledgable Goilala.

Support basic Education & programs for adult literacy in the District. Parents are first teachers at home. We educate our parents, to educate their children. 

Everyone will then know how to read and write by 2025 & beyond.